AbleBridge Dashboard for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Providing Interactive, Real-time Business Intelligence

AbleBridge Dashboard is a flexible Microsoft Dynamics CRM enhancement that delivers comprehensive report dashboards, graphically representing the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) most important to your business.

AbleBridge Dashboard allows you to stay on top of key business indicators and give management resources real-time analysis across all departments in your organization. Easily create charts and graphs representing the metrics most important to you – all without coding or complex configurations.

  • Extends the “out of the box” functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM allowing you to create real-time, graphical dashboards representing the performance indicators you want to measure against
  • Easy to use configuration console empowers you to define, create or modify the dashboards from both an administrator or user perspective
  • Web based dashboards give you real-time access no matter where you are
  • Leverages “out of the box” Microsoft Dynamics CRM role base security to ensuring users only see the data they are supposed to
  • Multi-series charts give you rich intelligence across various indicators in a single chart
  • Create multiple, department specific dashboards across, and up and down the organization
  • Drill down details give you a quick view of the underlying information representing each chart or series graph
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